Do you enjoy group motorcycle riding? Most riders don’t ride in groups all the time it’s usually just something to do once in a while. Remember unless you have a group that’s been riding together a long time, things will run best when you have a ride leader or for a better word an organizer in charge. We’ve all seen them. The groups of motorcyclists riding together on a sunny day. Well now that you have decided to meet good people who love ride! let`s introduce you to T.T.R a motorcycle meetup group. 

Welcome to the T.T.R if you’re looking for something special:  twistiest, vistas, turnouts, that perfect stretch of smooth tarmac here it is. Most riders travel on roads but we travel on motorcycle roads. Planning spectacular motorcycle trips start with finding the best motorcycle roads and routes make getting there most of the fun. We Plan a road trips all most every Sunday and one interstate trip in the summer .In this website T.T.R shares some of the best roads trips across America making for unforgettable motorcycle journeys.